Blogger cecio said...

oh my!
i think i'm gonna cry. its probably hormones but mainly the little houses.

02/08/2006, 03:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bumblebee loves you <3

31/03/2009, 09:38  
Blogger EATON NYC said...

love your street art, saw it on the Wooster Collective then went to your blogspot place.
Was great reading the dialog and the interaction your work created, I wanted to read more and more - would make for a great book/series (if you haven't already) Art is magic and does great things - this is one of those examples. thanks for your work and keep it up.

Scott VanderVoort NYC

01/04/2009, 08:11  
Blogger Bj√∂rn Eskil said...

Absolutely brilliant

01/04/2009, 17:19  
Blogger Mellow Yellow said...

Also saw on Wooster. Secret & spooky- map, icon, marker. I love the trippy play on dimensions, delicate composition, surprising placement.

04/04/2009, 11:59  

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